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Strawberry Studs - Juicy Fruit Kit

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Strawberry Studs With Embedded Backings

Posts can be applied to the back of your studs in 3 main ways:

1. Using Bake & Bond

2. Using Krazy Glue and Resin

3. Embedding the post in clay

Step #1 – Use ¼ block of white clay, and a ¼ block of your red clay. Feel free to add white or red to give you your ideal strawberry color. Mix these two colors in a kneading manner until they are fully combined. Then roll out a light red clay slab about 2mm thick.

Step #2 – Use a small piece of your green wasabi clay. This will be the strawberry stem. Condition this clay by kneading it. Once softened, roll out a piece that is 1mm thick. Cut this piece into a thin strip that is a wide as the strawberry’s stem.

Step #3. Place your thin green strip at the top of your red clay slab and gently press it to adhere it to the red clay below it.

Step #4 Option A – You can leave the strip raised from step 3, and cut out two strawberries. You can then using your detail stick, gently detail the green clay into the red clay to create a 3D stem.

Step #4 Option B – Using your wooden roller, you can roll the green strip flat onto the red clay. You can then cut out two strawberries with more of a color blocked look.

Here is the aesthetic difference.

Step #5 Optional– Once you have your strawberries cut, you can make seed indents using your detail stick. A tip here is to keep you detail stick handle pointed towards the bottom tip of the strawberry. This will keep you seeds inline with the strawberry edges.

Step #6 – Remove your strawberries from your workspace carefully. For this, you can use a clay blade if you have one.

For this project, we will embed the post in our clay project. Cut two additional, thin pieces of clay. This will need to mirror the piece they are being adhered to.

Step #7 - Start by cutting the additional pieces on a piece of clay that is 1-2mm thick.

Step #8 - After you have released the clay from your working space, poke the stud through the clay. Ensure each side has the post inserted in the same general position on the stud so the earrings sit evenly from one side to the other.

Step #9 - Take the clay piece with the post, and match it to the back of the stud. The flat part of the post should be touching the back of the stud piece. Gently, ensure the area around the post is adhered between the two clay pieces and there are no air bubbles. Then, work outwards, gently ensuring the clay is adhered together. This must be done gently to ensure that the design you have created on the other side is not squished or deformed.

Step #10 - Finish by cleaning up the edges and trying to remove any noticeable gap between the two clay layers.

Step #11 - Bake upside down on parchment paper.

Step #12 - Put your works of art onto a earring card, take a picture and tag @bougierougeboutique in your creations. They are now ready to gift or wear!

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