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About Us

Why not a little more?

Oh hey!

Thanks for visiting our site. 

If you've landed here, chances are you want to learn a little more about our brand and boutique. Well, as luck would have it, we have a story to tell. Thank you for joining us on this journey.


Opening - February 1st 

Wednesdays 12-6
Fridays 1-6
Saturdays 12-5

11223 100 Ave 
Edmonton, AB T5K 0J1

Are you looking for romantic, fun accessories? Maybe for the perfect layering piece or statement making sweatshirt?
Your in luck. I love being surrounded by beautiful things. So, I have filled a charming house with them. 
Come shop for yourself, or for a gift for someone else. We have something that will create smiles.
While your here, talk to me about our upcoming polymer clay classes and jewelry kits. They are coming very soon, and sure to be a huge hit as gifts, and fun experiences to share with friends and family alike.
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How We Became So Bougie

Once upon a time, I had two little gingers who filled my life with joy.

Meet Ally was my organized extra, and Rosie was my little wild extra.

My daughters confidence in themselves, and me, has always inspired me to grow and learn. They have never failed to believe in me and what I could achieve. I've found that looking at myself through their eyes was one of the greatest gifts in life.  Ally and Rosie are my Bougie Rougies. They inspire me and my brand.

Bougie Rouge was created to allow me to create and surround myself with beautiful things; while, still being first and foremost a mom.

Upcoming Markets

Disenchanted 2023 at the Alberta Aviation Museum

March 25th 

June 24th

October 7th

December 9th

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