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Create Your Own Mouse Dangles

Ages 14+ - This kit requires the use of sharp objects, oven usage, small parts and cleaning products.

The supplies for this design can be found in the Easter Mouse Kit.

Easter Mouse Kit Supplies:

· Cutters – Mouse, Stud Egg, Bunny, Bunny Mouse

· Wooden Roller

· Wooden Detail Stick

· Square of Parchment Paper

· Square of Sand Paper/ Sanding Block

· Jump Rings

· Earring hooks

· Stud Posts

· 6 Earring Cards

· 2 Jewelry Pliers

Additional supplies required:

This kit includes the supplies you will need to create beautiful jewelry for you or your loved ones. Here is a list of additional items that you may need, or may make your jewelry making easier.

● A Clay Blade, or thin metal blade for cleanly removing clay from your workspace. You may be able to use a utility knife blade.

● Krazy Glue for adhering posts (the stud process in these instructions does not require this)

● A ceramic tile. Some people find it easier to leave their creations on a tile to bake.

● Bake & Bond - A Sculpey ® product that adheres clay to clay. This helps if you plan on adding little clay embellishments to your designs.

● Hand Drill - Manual or small hand drills can efficiently and easily create holes for jump rings.

● Clay Depth Gauges or a Clay Press – This can help you easily and consistently control the thickness of your clay.

Please note that if you plan to expand the scope of your project, you may require additional materials.

Mouse Dangles

1. In your kit you will find red, black, white and orange clay. You will need 1 block of red clay divided into two parts (one part should be 2/3 of the block, and the second 1/3). You will need ½ block of black clay, and a very small amount of your white and orange clay.

2. Ensure you clean all of your tools and your workspace well before and during your project. Red clay can easily stain your tools and all other colours of clay. Likewise, black clay can leave colour on other clays and can make them look dirty.

3. Using a clean roller, roll out a piece of red clay approximately 2.5mm thick. Then, with a clean roller, roll out a 2.5mm thick piece of black clay.

4. Using a clean roller, roll out your remaining red clay to about 1mm thick. Trim this to fit both the red and black pieces. This will prevent any staining of your excess red clay so you can use it for other projects.

5. Place the piece of red, then the piece of black clay from step 1 onto this thinner piece of clay. The long edges should touch.

4. Lightly roll the clay so the top and bottom layers fuse together, and the line between the black and red piece has no raised bump.

5. Cut two of your mouse shapes. Try to line the shapes up so they have the same proportion of red to black clay. Peel away the excess clay from around your shapes.

6. Mix together a small amount of your white and orange clay. The colour combination for this is 1 part orange to 2 parts white. Need the clays together in your clean hands. Once you have a solid colour, take four small portions of clay and roll small balls with them.

7. Apply this small yellow balls to the red part of the clay as pictured below in step 8. These will be the buttons for the mouse’s pants.

8. Add finding holes to the center of the top of the mouse’s head. These holes can be made using your detail stick, or with a pin or other fine pointed tool. The holes need to be wide enough to fit your jump ring through, but not too wide that they negatively effect the esthetic of your design. Once this is complete, gently smooth the edges of your clay pieces.

9. Place your pieces on a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet. Bake at 275°F for 60 minutes.

10. Once done baking, and fully cooled. Sand/buff the edges of your pieces where needed.

11. Insert your jump rings. Attach a second jump ring to the first jump ring and your earring hook. This jump ring connects the first jump ring and the hook while also allowing the pieces hang in the correct direction.

12. Put your works of art onto a earring card, take a picture and tag @bougierougeboutique in your creations. They are now ready to gift or wear!

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